Microcement Information

MICROCEMENT INFORMATION: In this Blog we will delve into all aspects related to microcement and its relationship with decoration. Lunik’s Microcement is a new ready-to-use microcement that solves all the problems that bicomponent microcement had. From now on, applying microcement has become much easier, reducing execution times, reducing surpluses and improving mechanical properties.

Ready to Use Microcement

ONEROCK is the answer to years of facing the disadvantages of traditional microcement. After numerous investigations by our technical team we have managed to develop the definitive microcement. The finish is very fine, it is totally waterproof and you will not have any more excess since while it is packaged, it does not dry. On this page we will be posting articles from our own experience as manufacturers and applicators of microcement, and from our clients.

The goal is for you to learn and find quality information learned from experience.

Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Resin Epoxy Resin Floors EPOXY RESINS – The installation of continuous floors is becoming more and more common. Among the possibilities are epoxy or

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Epoxy Microcement

Epoxy Microcement Epoxy Microcement ONEPOX EPOXY MICROCEMENT – Lunik has developed a new epoxy-based microcement: ONEPOX. It is specially formulated for paving, its fluidity facilitates

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textura microcemento

Microcement Textures

Texturas del Microcemento Microcement and its Textures MICROCEMENT TEXTURES – It is common for many microcement manufacturers to have many trade names for microcement variations:

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bañera microcemento

Microcement in New Construction

Microcement in New Construction Microcement and New Construction MICROCEMENT NEW CONSTRUCTION -Microcement is being used more and more by architects and decorators, both in renovations

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Microcement Washbasin

Microcement Washbasin Microcement Coated Sinks MICROCEMENT SINK – When reforming the bathroom there are many options to ensure that everything is integrated, and that the

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Microcement and Plasterboard

Microcement and Plasterboard Plasterboard and Microcement: Great Result PLASTERBOARD AND MICROCEMENT – The plasterboard is the construction material that has possibly become the most popular

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baño con microcemento

Microcement and Humidity

Microcement and Moisture Relationship of Moisture and Microcement MOISTURE AND MICROCEMENT – Moisture is one of the biggest enemies in any microcement application. Although our

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baño microcemento marrón

Microcement Maintenance

Microcement Maintenance What must be done to maintain the microcement? MICROCEMENT MAINTENANCE – In this post we will talk about the maintenance and care that

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escaleras exteriores

Outdoor Microcement

Outdoor Microcement Microcement Inside and Outside the House OUTDOOR MICROCEMENT – Today and more and more, architects and decorators choose microcement as wall and floor

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suelo radiante

Microcement in Radiant Floor

Microcement Radiant Floor Microcement Application on Radiant Floor MICROCEMENT RADIANT FLOOR – When winter arrives is when you consider changing the heating of your house.

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Microcement Furniture

Microcement Furniture Microcement Coated Furniture One of the lesser known applications of microcement is microcement coated furniture. It is a new way of being able

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Microcement Colors

Microcement Colors All Microcement Colors What colors can be used with microcement? This is a question that many of our clients ask us. The reality

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baño microcemento verde

Ready to Use Microcement

A new way of reshaping surfaces has emerged: Lunik’s ready-to-use microcement has arrived. Welcome to the new generation of microcements that are much easier to apply, where you will save time and do not have to waste material. The new microcement improves the technical properties of the bicomponent but simplifies all the steps. So that you only have to worry about what is really important.

To learn more visit our Lunik website.