Microcement and Moisture

Relationship of Moisture and Microcement

MOISTURE AND MICROCEMENT – Moisture is one of the biggest enemies in any microcement application. Although our ONEROCK ready-to-use microcement is waterproof, moisture can ruin the work that is being done. Although it may seem contradictory, it makes sense. Humidity can be a problem, although ONEROCK is indicated for humid areas such as shower areas.

ONEROCK is waterproof if its cure times are respected. If the installation times and recommendations are not respected, in addition to problems of not being able to reach its maximum resistance, it could cause stains on the surface. If ONEROCK is being applied, we must avoid any water leakage to achieve a homogeneous cure. In the event of a leak or leak, it is recommended to dry immediately and cancel the water outlet.

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Capillary Moisture

Une autre source majeure de problèmes avec le microciment est l’humidité capillaire. Ce type d’humidité se produit principalement dans les vieilles maisons, où le sol et les murs jusqu’à une certaine hauteur contiennent de l’humidité en raison de son contact avec la terre. Pour éviter les problèmes, il doit toujours être traité avant d’appliquer ONEROCK. Sinon, la surface en contact avec le microciment finira par se désagréger et le microciment n’aura plus de surface de préhension.


The recommended ambient humidity for the application of ONEROCK is a maximum of 60% at 25ºC. It should be taken into account that in a microcement application, layers will be overlapped so that the whole achieves the necessary strength. Each layer is important, and it must be ensured that it has dried completely before proceeding to the next. That is why, with the specified humidity, the drying times are kept constant and a good planning of the works can be done. Always avoid layering on layers that have not dried sufficiently.

If these simple recommendations are followed, the ONEROCK application will be a success. We will have a completely waterproof and resistant surface.

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