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Epoxy Resin Floors

EPOXY RESINS – The installation of continuous floors is becoming more and more common. Among the possibilities are epoxy or epoxy resins. Within them there is a fairly wide range that usually have quite good mechanical properties.

In general, this type of resins are waterproof, and they manage to renew spaces in short periods of time. For this reason they have been used for a long time in industrial environments or department stores. Their properties make them a very durable and resistant solution. Its ability to withstand both abrasion, impacts and its chemical resistance has helped its spread worldwide.

Ease of Installation

Another of the great advantages of an epoxy resin floor is that it can be installed over existing floors, without the need to remove them. This is a considerable advantage in cases of large surfaces, where the application time is a determining factor.

Ambient conditions will dictate the drying times between coats, but these are normally 24 hours to ensure minimal drying.

The variety of colors, usually being able to choose any RAL, make it an easily combinable solution.

Types of Epoxy Resins

The best known types are:

  • Self-leveling floors: Epoxy self-leveling floors are probably the best known. Its thickness is usually between 1 mm and 2 mm, and its use usually depends on the condition of the surface.
  • Multilayer floors: In this case both epoxy resins and aggregates are used so that the result is a highly non-slip surface. By combining colors of both the resin and the aggregates, highly decorative results can be achieved.
  • 3D resin floors: this system consists of applying a transparent resin on vinyls with 3D drawings. The results are especially innovative.
  • Epoxy paints: This is the system used in parking lots and large surfaces. Although it is not really resin and does not achieve such a perfect finish, it is often included in epoxy floors.
  • And finally, the epoxy microcement: ONEOPOX is the epoxy microcement developed by Lunik. It encompasses all the advantages of epoxy floors as well as having a very natural finish. It is especially suitable for interiors, and has technical properties superior to any microcement.

To learn more about the world of continuous coatings, visit our Lunik website.

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