Differences between Ready-to-use Microcement and Traditional

Differences between Ready-to-Use Microcement and Two-Component

Currently there are several types of microcements. The most used could be the traditional microcement, the ready-to-use microcement and the epoxy microcement. Today we are going to talk about the differences of the first two.

Both traditional and ready-to-use microcement allow continuous decorative finishes to be achieved with a minimum thickness. And although they may seem similar, they have their differences. We could say that the ready-to-use microcement is the evolution of the bicomponent microcement.

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Ready to Use: the Best Option

One of the main differences is that the ready-to-use Microcement does not contain cement, so it does not produce shrinkage, cracks, or fissures. With Ready to Use, application professionals can work with less hassle: no mixing, no proportioning, just open the bottle and apply. A faster application is achieved and with less probability of mistakes. In addition, its applicability is easier than the traditional one because it allows more time to carry out touch-ups. This means that, in addition to professionals, it is the ideal microcement to be applied by people with little experience.

The ready to use can be pigmented in any tinting machine. The color of the applied ready-to-use microcement is more homogeneous if it is a larger grain, and manages to create the same effects as the traditional one using a fine grain. As for the texture, it is similar and has a very characteristic naturalness.

Waterproof Microcement

The ready-to-use microcement is waterproof due to its formula based on quartz and resins. It is an ideal product for wet areas, such as shower trays, exteriors and areas in contact with water. In traditional microcement it is necessary to apply the polyurethane layers and make sure that a very good application has been carried out. Otherwise, traditional microcement absorbs water by containing cement in its formula and can create stains.

In addition, the hardness of our ready-to-use is greater than that of traditional microcement. We have achieved a product that is simple to apply, technically very resistant and that achieves very natural-looking finishes.

That is why we recommend the use of ready-to-use microcement since all are advantages over the traditional one. Get to know Lunik and join the microcement of the future.

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