Cleaning with cold water. No chemicals needed.
Applicable on most mineral substrates
Does not affect the appearance of the surface

ANTIGRAFFITIK is an effective and long-lasting solution for removing and protecting against unwanted graffiti and posters. With the simple application of cold water and a pressure equipment or a sponge, ANTIGRAFFITIK offers quick and efficient cleaning, without leaving a trace of marks or residue.

More than a removal solution, ANTIGRAFFITIK acts as a protective shield. Its advanced formula creates a barrier that deters and facilitates the removal of future graffiti attempts, thus maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the treated surfaces.

In addition to its effectiveness, our product is highly versatile. Compatible with a variety of surfaces, including concrete, natural stone, artificial stone and ceramic tiles, this product offers a comprehensive solution for the protection and maintenance of public and private spaces.

With ANTIGRAFFITIK, we guarantee an effective defense against unwanted graffiti and posters, ensuring the preservation of the appearance and value of any property. Protect your environment with the market-leading solution.

Easy to clean with cold water. Without the need to use chemicals.

Posters that are stuck to surfaces treated with ANTIGRAFFITIK come off very easily.

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