Microcement Kitchen

4 Reasons to Refurbish a Kitchen with Microcement

Reform a kitchen with microcement? The kitchen is possibly the room, along with the bathrooms, that undergo the most reforms in our homes. The reason is very simple, because we spend a lot of time in it and because we like the feeling of cleanliness. In order to achieve this feeling, there is nothing like renewing it from time to time.

The problem with renovations is the chaos in which the house becomes, and the cost that everything usually has. The appliances, the masons, the materials, … the dust, everything seems like a problem. But now there is a new solution and it is the use of microcement to simplify this type of renovation.

Let’s see the main advantages of using microcement in a kitchen renovation.


1. No Gaskets

The fact that there is no need for gaskets is undoubtedly the main advantage of using microcement in the kitchen. We will forget that grease and dirt, which are so difficult to remove, get embedded in the joints.

With the arrival of microcement, we are going to achieve a continuous surface, easy to clean with a cloth and a neutral soap.

2. Waterproof

Another advantage of microcement is that it is totally waterproof. Although traditional microcement is waterproof after varnishing, ONEROCK microcement is waterproof on the basis. This means that if there were any pores in the polyurethane layer, nothing would happen. It is a material that will not absorb liquid, so moisture stains will not occur.

3. Resistant

ONEROCK is a ready-to-use, high-performance microcement that is the ideal complement in a kitchen renovation. Its anti-abrasion and shock-resistant properties make it the best option to achieve long-lasting results over time.

4. Variety of Combinations

Reforming the kitchen with ONEROCK will give us the possibility to choose between all its colors to be able to customize the kitchen to every taste. With its different grain sizes and colors, the alternatives are endless.

In addition, at Lunik we have to pigment the microcement with the color that our client chooses, so imagination is the limit with ONEROCK.

If you want to know more about us, visit our Lunik website.

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