Easy Microcement

The Lunik Ready-to-Use Microcement for Non-Specialists

EASY MICROCEMENT – One of the first issues when talking about microcement is its difficulty. Traditionally, the microcement that he has been using is a compound of cement with aggregates that is then mixed with a resin. This type of microcement is called bicomponent microcement. Many professionals who have been in the sector for some time continue to use this type of microcement. At Lunik we think that although it is a material that can have a good finish, it has a series of problems:

You have to do the mixture each time you are going to use
If there is any excess of the mixture made, it must be thrown away
You must carry the weights and tools necessary for the mixing process
To these disadvantages it should be added that any doubt about the proportions used when applying, will always leave us with the uncertainty of whether it has been done well or not.

Ready to Use Microcement

Ready-to-use microcement solves all those problems that we have just seen. As its name suggests, it is already mixed from the factory. This has several advantages:

  • The mix is correct
  • Is open and apply
  • When it is finished, the container is closed and so as many times as necessary.

In this way it manages to solve the problems that traditional microcement presents.

Easy for Everyone

In this way, it has been achieved that the application of microcement can be carried out with fewer incidents and with a total guarantee of success. In addition to the advantages seen above, there is another very important one: the workability of Lunik. This workability is seen in several aspects:

  • You can go over a surface much more without leaving marks before it dries
  • Your work with the trowel is much more pleasant
  • It sands better and can leave a finer surface

For all these advantages we recommend trying our Lunik products. Welcome to the future of microcement. To learn more about our products visit our Lunik website.

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