Microcement and Polished Cement

Differences between Microcement and Polished Cement

MICROCEMENT AND POLISHED CEMENT – It is quite common that there are still many people who do not know exactly what microcement is. Hence, many of them confuse it with polished cement, and think that they are the same product but with a different name.

The main difference between one and another material is its function. While microcement is a decorative coating, polished cement does have the objective of absorbing loads.

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Thickness and Expansion Joints

The different thickness of both materials is one of the biggest differences between them. In addition, it will be easy to distinguish them just for that.

Microcement achieves its maximum resistance in thicknesses of 3 millimeters. This thickness is achieved by adding layers of thicknesses of less than 1 millimeter, which as they cure they take on the final resistance.

On the other hand, polished cement only achieves its maximum resistance with a minimum thickness of 6 centimeters. Contrary to microcement, polished cement manages to dry by natural means with thicknesses that would be unthinkable in the first.

Another of its differences is its expansion and contraction. Microcement is a material that does not undergo expansion, unlike polished cement. This difference causes polished cement to need expansion joints to avoid cracking. This property is what makes microcement the ideal solution to achieve a continuous coating without joints.

Microcement is Versatility

Another difference between both materials is where they can be applied. This is another of the advantages of microcement, and it is its ease of application on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Its application with a trowel allows it to be applied on any type of surface, both curved and even on ceilings. On the other hand, polished cement can only be applied on the floor and does not allow its application on vertical walls or ceilings.

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