We present our range of Microcement Colors. ONEROCK comes in 32 colors in all shades, from pure whites to more vivid colors such as reds or yellows. Colors full of life that provide warmth and exclusivity to any environment.

Our colors are a true reflection of nature. ONEROCK is composed of sustainable resins, quartz sand and whose manufacture does not generate waste. We also use inorganic pigments that make ONEROCK a totally natural material.

Natural Colors

Permanent Colors

We use inorganic pigments that make our colors unalterable by the passage of time or by solar radiation. We guarantee that the colors are permanent and that they will always have those natural tones of ONEROCK.

As microcement manufacturers, if you need it, you can get a color that is not within the color chart. We can get any color to suit any need.

New Colors

Microcement Colors

ONEROCK natural colors are specially designed to be used in any room. To cover a floor, a wall, bathrooms, kitchens, find the color that matches the decoration.

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