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Microcement Projects

Our Projects with microcement are all a success. Thanks to the simplicity of our system, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Our ONEROCK or ONEPOX microcement has the technical properties you need to achieve the best finish without incident:

  • waterproof
  • resistant
  • ready to use
  • excellent trowel
  • workability

All these characteristics make it the best product on the market for professionals. Forget about traditional microcement, weighing every time you have to apply, having to throw away material because it has dried … Now with ONEROCK all these problems disappear.

In addition, as it is completely waterproof, although an open pore remains when the varnish is applied, this microcement does not stain. The reason is that being totally waterproof at its base, it does not absorb water.

baño microcemento marrón

Microcement Experts

As experts in microcement thanks to our 10 years of experience in the manufacture of the two-component, we know that ONEROCK is the definitive solution. It is the ideal complement to reform any type of surface:

  • Microcement floors
  • Microcement walls
  • Microcement interiors
  • Microcement Exterior 
  • Microcement Bathrooms
  • Microcement Kitchens
  • Microcement Shops

Any room or surface, regardless of use, is perfect for our microcement. Forget about having to choose between 5 varieties, use the same product for all your projects and simplify your work.

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