Microcement Furniture

Microcement Coated Furniture

One of the lesser known applications of microcement is microcement coated furniture. It is a new way of being able to reconvert furniture that we had outdated or to manufacture new furniture with a totally different finish than what we are used to.

When we talk about microcement furniture we are talking above all about microcement sinks, microcement tables, microcement cabinets, even microcement doors. Thanks to the adhesion properties, there will be no surface that cannot be easily covered with our ONEROCK ready-to-use microcement.


Integration capacity

One of the most appreciated qualities of microcement is its capacity for integration. With this concept we mean that it is relatively easy to cover any type of material, with which we will be able to count within the same room with pieces of different material but that their appearance is the same.

An example is that of microcement sinks. If the microcement is applied on the masonry sink at the same time as on the wall, the feeling is that everything is part of a block. We will avoid joints and discontinuities, leaving the sink fully integrated into the walls of the bathroom.

Waterproof Microcement Furniture

Another of the most beneficial qualities of microcement in furniture is its impermeability. Although traditional microcement is waterproof when varnishing, ONEROCK ready-to-use microcement is waterproof at its base. This means that even if there was a pore in the last layer, this would not affect stains due to humidity.

This impermeability makes it recommended for sinks, kitchen countertops and even for tables, since they can be cleaned thoroughly without fear of damaging them. It can also be applied on outdoor furniture without fear of weather conditions affecting it.

Variety of Finishes

Thanks to the amount of different colors and textures that we can achieve with ONEROCK microcement, we can turn any piece of furniture into a truly unique piece of craftsmanship. From the finest and most minimalist finish, to a rougher and more rustic finish, we can convert any surface as we imagine.

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