Outdoor Microcement

Microcement Inside and Outside the House

OUTDOOR MICROCEMENT – Today and more and more, architects and decorators choose microcement as wall and floor cladding to give environments a natural look. The advantages of microcement in a renovation are widely known:

  • Waterproof
  • Minimum thickness
  • Great adhesion, no need to remove tiles

But in this post we are going to talk about another utility of microcement, its use outdoors. Outdoor three main applications could be considered:

  • Floors, including swimming pools
  • Walls or facades
  • Furniture
escaleras exteriores

Exterior with Microcement

Exterior and outdoor surfaces require a series of characteristics that are different from those required of an interior cladding. For an exterior floor or wall the properties that are sought are:

  • Low slipperiness
  • Do not tone down because of the sun
  • High resistance

    Outdoor Microcement as a Solution

    Microcement meets all those demands that are needed on an exterior surface. 

    It does not de-tone because it contains pigments that support solar radiation, its base is totally waterproof, and the texture that can be achieved is totally non-slip. It also provides another series of advantages over other coatings:

    • Natural finish and soft touch
    • Infinity of colors
    • Possibility of using the same finish on facades and floors

    Another point in its favor is that microcement can be applied on any type of surface, so if the facade or floor has tiles, plaster or any other material there is no problem. A good quality microcement such as Lunik’s will adhere perfectly to any surface, totally changing the appearance and completely renewing it.

    Our products are fully tested and tested outdoors with a multitude of outdoor applications. Its quality and technical properties, developed by our R&D department, have resulted in the easiest product to apply and that will cause fewer problems.

    To learn more about our products, you can visit our Lunik website.

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