High mechanical and chemical resistance
Breathable. Avoid blisters.​
Resists high temperatures: welding, cutting,...

Discover the revolution in floor protection with BLISTERSTOP, fully breathable and anti-stain capacity. Designed with innovative technology, this product is the perfect solution for floors that may suffer from moisture, allowing it to dissipate, and at the same time offering excellent protection against stains. It is the perfect solution for all those surfaces that have had problems caused by humidity: blisters, peeling,…

BLISTERSTOP penetrates the surface, generating a highly hard waterproof layer. After it has cured, substances containing water or oil cannot penetrate the concrete pores. BLISTERSTOP offers highly effective stain protection. Even substances that remain on the surface for some time can be removed without leaving stains.

With Lunik’s BLISTERSTOP, floors are effectively protected against blisters and stains, maintaining their pristine appearance and structural integrity. It also resists contact with high-temperature materials as occurs in metallurgy factories where machining or welding is involved. It is the ideal choice for any project that requires moisture resistance, durability and a flawless appearance!

Easily repairable and mark-free pavement

Superficies resistentes al fuego y al calor

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