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Microcement Coated Sinks

MICROCEMENT SINK – When reforming the bathroom there are many options to ensure that everything is integrated, and that the renovation is successful. One of the options that can give it a very special touch is the installation of a microcement washbasin.

Many interior designers are increasingly interested in natural finishes, which is why the use of microcement not only on walls and floors is becoming more widespread. The use of microcement sinks is becoming more and more common because it manages to be fully integrated into the wall. As is known, the application of microcement is carried out once the masonry, electricity and plumbing work has been completed. Therefore, the application of microcement can be carried out simultaneously on the wall and on the sink. Thanks to this there will be no joint between the wall and the sink, visually forming part of the same structure.


Integration Capacity

The material of the washbasin that will be covered with microcement can be very diverse. One of the most used materials is the waterproofed MDF board. It is surely the simplest option, since it is a very workable material, light and easy to acquire.

The use of bricks and cement is also common, especially in complete furniture. These pieces of furniture can be customized with wooden doors and the options are endless. Another of the materials to be able to use is marble. Although it is a bit more complicated to work with, the result is spectacular, giving a stone block feel.

The design can be fully customizable, both single and double basins, with the taps in the washbasin or with the taps recessed in the wall.

Waterproof Microcement

The reasons for using our ONEROCK microcement in sinks are several:

  • Waterproofing: It is totally waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about stains caused by humidity.
  • Resistance: It is a very resistant material that will withstand the day to day of any washbasin.
  • Ease of cleaning: as it does not have any gaskets, it is very easy to clean.
  • Variety of finishes: There are 32 colors that can be counted on, in addition to the finishing options when combining the different granulometries.

Personalization is an increasingly important factor when it comes to decorating any house. Microcement made by professionals provides a multitude of options to achieve original results that surprise and give the touch of exclusivity that is sought in many reforms.

To learn more about our ONEROCK microcement, visit our Lunik website.

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