Microcement Maintenance

What must be done to maintain the microcement?

MICROCEMENT MAINTENANCE – In this post, we will discuss the maintenance and care required for our ready-to-use microcement, ONEROCK. In previous posts, we’ve explained the advantages of ONEROCK over other traditional microcements: it’s waterproof, quicker to apply, and highly resistant. But what about its maintenance?

The maintenance for Lunik microcement is minimal, as it doesn’t require repetitive work to extend its lifespan. However, for surfaces with heavy foot traffic, two preventive measures can be taken to prevent varnish layer wear. The simplest option is applying acrylic wax every few years to revitalize the surface. Another choice is to sand the surface to open the polyurethane pores and apply a complete polyurethane layer every few years. For surfaces experiencing heavy wear, we recommend the latter option.

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The First Cares

During the first few days after applying ONEROCK microcement, it’s crucial to handle the surface with care as damage could occur, making repairs challenging. For the first week, avoid performing any work on the surface, and it’s also essential to prevent liquid spills.

Once the first week has passed, the surface can be cleaned with water, but always ensure that no puddles are left behind. It’s essential to be cautious with heavy objects to prevent them from falling and damaging the polyurethane layer. After approximately a month, when the microcement and polyurethane have fully cured, specific care is necessary to keep the surfaces in perfect condition.

Microcement Precautions

We recommend cleaning with water and neutral soap. If more aggressive products are desired, they must always be diluted in water before application. ONEROCK is not recommended for surfaces exposed to high temperatures. For instance, in kitchen countertops, direct contact with hot pans or pots should be avoided.

To clean a microcement surface, it’s advised to use neutral detergent and manual methods. Subsequently, rinse and absorb any water using a mop or liquid aspiration system. Never allow water to accumulate for too long, and always ensure any standing water is promptly removed. Applying acrylic wax is highly beneficial and will reduce the accumulation of dirt on the floor.

For more information and application tips regarding microcement, visit our Lunik website. You can check also our projects site to get some ideas.

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