Microcement Maintenance

How to care for microcement

MICROCEMENT MAINTENANCE – Microcement is a modern and versatile material that is used to cover floors and walls. Although it is resistant to stains and wear, proper maintenance is important to prolong its useful life.

One of the main maintenance tasks is regular cleaning of the surface. It is recommended to clean the microcement with water and neutral soap to remove accumulated dirt and dust. It is important to avoid using harsh chemicals or hard brushes, as these can scratch or damage the surface.

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Avoid accumulation of water

In addition to regular cleaning, it is important to keep the microcement sealed to prevent the penetration of moisture and dirt. The sealing must be done after the installation of the microcement and then from time to time depending on the use and traffic in the area.

It is also important to avoid the accumulation of water on the surface of the microcement. Floors and walls should be cleaned immediately after any spill or flood to prevent staining or mold growth.

Microcement Maintenance​

Another important factor in the maintenance of microcement is dimensional stability. Microcement is a material that can expand or contract with changes in temperature or humidity. It is important to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun or humidity and ensure adequate ventilation in the areas where the microcement has been installed.

If cracks or detachments appear on the surface of the microcement, it is important to repair them immediately to prevent them from becoming bigger problems. It is advisable to hire a professional to carry out the necessary repairs.

In summary, the maintenance of microcement is essential to prolong its useful life and maintain its appearance. It is recommended to clean regularly with neutral soap and water, seal the surface, avoid the accumulation of water, ensure adequate dimensional stability, repair cracks and detachments immediately, and hire a professional to carry out the necessary repairs.

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