Epoxy Microcement

Epoxy Microcement ONEPOX

EPOXY MICROCEMENT – Lunik has developed a new epoxy-based microcement: ONEPOX. It is specially formulated for paving, its fluidity facilitates workability on horizontal surfaces. Although its base is epoxy, it has its differences with respect to other materials formulated with epoxy resins:

It is much more resistant, due to the integration of specially selected aggregates
It has a more natural appearance, since its composition achieves similar finishes to traditional microcement. In this way, too “artificial” colors of the resins are avoided.

Therefore ONEPOX is the solution to achieve a continuous coating, without joints since it does not expand or contract due to temperature. And especially a hardness much higher than any other type of microcement is achieved.

ONEPOX Installation

Our experts always recommend a good surface preparation before installing ONEPOX. Within the Lunik range of products there are the necessary products to ensure that the surface is fully regularized and ready for the application of ONEPOX. Our entire range of PREPOX, made up of products based on epoxy resins, will achieve the necessary uniformity in the installation of continuous pavements.

Once the surface is in optimal condition, unlike similar competitive products, only two coats of ONEPOX will be applied. The first layer will be BASE, which will provide the final system with the necessary robustness to withstand high loads.

Once the first coat is dry, the FINE top coat is applied. ONEPOX FINE is formulated so that its scratch and shock resistance are even higher than base coat. Thanks to its extreme hardness, when integrated with the BASE layer, a surface is formed that will withstand any incident.

Resistant Finish

Once the FINE layer has completely dried, in approximately 24 hours, the seal will be applied. Our varnishes, both water-based and solvent-based, will make the resulting surface easier to clean with two coats.

The result after applying the complete system will be a natural looking, extremely resistant surface. Although it can be applied in homes, its resistance makes it ideal for commercial surfaces, offices, restaurants … any high-traffic surface that requires a reliable solution.

To learn more about our ONEPOX microcement, visit our Lunik website.

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