LEVELPOX is a three-component epoxy self-leveling agent with the following properties:

  • High adhesion to all types of surfaces
  • Surface resistant to impacts, abrasions and wear, ideal for high traffic areas.
  • Impermeability: Protects the surface from the penetration of liquids, avoiding problems associated with humidity.
  • Fast Curing
  • Suitable for a variety of environments, from industrial to commercial and residential


Lunik Levelik Deco is a self-leveling mortar for decorative finishes that allows the desired pigmentation. With rapid hardening, it is suitable for residential and industrial floors, with thicknesses from 5 to 20 mm. Compatible with radiant heating, it can be applied to various materials and sealed with epoxy and polyurethane varnishes.

  • Allows pigmentation to recreate the desired color
  • Fast hardening and drying in a few hours
  • Applicable in thicknesses from 5 to 20 mm
  • Use on residential and industrial floors
  • Compatible with radiant heating


Lunik Levelik Base is a high-performance, quick-drying self-leveling mortar, ideal for thicknesses between 1 and 10 mm. Designed to smooth and regulate interior flooring, it is compatible with microcement, raised floors and ceramics. It stands out for its fast setting, efficient pumping and compatibility with radiant heating.

  • High-performance, quick-drying self-leveling mortar
  • Thicknesses between 1 and 10 mm
  • Ideal for new construction and rehabilitation projects
  • Smoothing and regularization of interior floors in a thin layer
  • Compatible with microcement and all Lunik systems


Lunik Levelik Industrial is a self-leveling mortar ideal for restoring and smoothing industrial floors exposed to heavy traffic. With thicknesses from 5 to 20 mm, it offers uniform finishes and rapid hardening. Suitable for epoxy, polyurethane coatings and various types of floors. Compatible with radiant heating and optimizes productivity thanks to its ability to pump.

  • Self-leveling mortar for industrial floors
  • Ideal for areas with heavy and intense traffic
  • Thicknesses between 5 and 20 mm
  • Offers uniform finishes
  • Fast hardening and drying time
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