Sand pools offer a unique experience by combining the natural beauty of sand with the functionality of a swimming pool. Its organic design and soft touch create a relaxing and aesthetically attractive oasis. These pools blend seamlessly into natural surroundings and can be customized with features such as waterfalls and plantings, offering a tranquil and luxurious environment to enjoy at home or in resort facilities.

Our sand pool uses a specially formulated epoxy resin for immersion and high-quality marble stone. This combination guarantees a durable and corrosion-resistant structure, adapted to withstand the conditions of the aquatic environment. The epoxy resin provides a strong and durable adhesion between the stone and the substrate, while the marble stone provides a natural aesthetic and a pleasant tactile sensation. This pool offers a technically and aesthetically superior solution for outdoor spaces.

Natural Aesthetics
High Durability
Reflects the sun's rays, heating the water less
Easy maintenance

Construction Process of a Sand Pool on a Concrete Basin

1. Excavation and Area Preparation

An excavation is carried out following the specifications of the pool design, ensuring the required shape, depth and slopes.

2. Construction of the Concrete Vessel

The pool shell is built using reinforced concrete. This involves creating formwork to shape the contour of the pool according to the intended design.

3. Waterproofing Installation

If it is deemed necessary, if the pool is new or has had problems in the past, the pool would be waterproofed with Lunik WATERSTOP 2C waterproofing mortar, which guarantees total resistance to immersion water and negative pressures.

4. Application of the Sand Coat

The SANDPOOL resin is mixed with the proportions indicated on the container and distributed with a metal trowel over the entire surface.

5. Sealing

VARNISH DSV sealant is applied over the sand coating to protect it and improve its durability.

6. Cured

Final adjustments are made and decorative details are added as necessary to complete the sand pool on the concrete pool.

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