Microcement information: ONEROCK microcement is a ready-to-use highly decorative coating that simplifies all the steps for its application. Its composition is a mixture of minerals of different granulometries, acrylic resins and pigments that make it the microcement of the future.

It is a totally waterproof material, which achieves high resistance with only 3mm thickness. It also has an extraordinary adhesion, being able to be applied on any surface such as tiles, plasterboard, plastering …

Its use is perfect for walls, floors and ceilings, both indoors and outdoors. Furniture can also be covered in a very simple way. All the information you want can be found on our Lunik website.

The finish that is achieved is very fine to the touch, continuous and without joints.

Yes. Our material is totally suitable for both interior and exterior. It is a totally waterproof microcement, so it can be used in any area.

Yes. Unlike conventional microcement, ONEROCK contains acrylic resins, which makes it a totally waterproof material even ifn la capa de sellado. Para más información sobre el microcemento ONEROCK visita la web.

No. The ONEROCK ready-to-use microcement can be in the cube without losing any of its properties for 6 months. When you are going to use it, simply open the bucket and apply.

No. ONEROCK can be applied to any surface that is in good condition, without removing the backing layer. This includes tiles, which should not be removed. Of course, plasterboard, plaster, or any other support is ideal to be covered with our ONEROCK.

No. Due to its thin layer of approximately 3 mm, it is not necessary to have to sand the doors or remove the windows, so its application is very simple and clean.

Yes, all the surface that we want to do, it can go without joints, totally continuous. It is a material that does not expand or contract due to temperature, therefore no expansion joints are needed.

Yes, since it is totally waterproof, so its use is also recommended in bathrooms and kitchens. Even if a pore remains or any problem occurs on the surface, the water does not penetrate into the material. Possible stains that do occur in traditional microcement are therefore avoided. Therefore, its use is especially suitable for kitchen benches or shower trays and bathroom furniture.

No, once applied it does not deteriorate over time, nor does it fade in sunlight. It also has a 5-year warranty.

It does not need any type of maintenance unlike traditional microcements.

Yes, you can choose any RAL color, although our recommendation is to choose it from the color chart, since they are tested colors.

No, unlike traditional microcements, it does not scratch easily.

No, continuous surfaces must be done in one go. Reworks can become noticeable after completion. Although the marks are less visible than with traditional microcement, it is recommended to make full walls.etas.

Yes. In any of the possible combinations within the ONEROCK range, the fresh-on-fresh technique can be applied. Mechanical properties are maintained and run time is drastically reduced.

Typically, it takes about 3 days to complete the application. The strawberry on fresh technique works perfectly, achieving perfect finishes in the shortest possible time. Traditional microcement usually takes 5 days.

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