After 10 years applying microcement from other suppliers and after several years of testing, in 2019 we decided to launch our range of microcements. At Lunik we have specialized in innovative, non-polluting and easy-to-apply coatings. We are your Microcement Manufacturer because we understand Applicators.

LUNIK's goal is to design materials for the future.



We are a Team

Lunik is the result of the combination of a chemical team with years of experience in innovative products with a team of microcement applicators with years testing all the products on the market.We are a team that believes in what it does, with the aim of providing a comprehensive service to all our clients. A dynamic management together with a powerful R&D department make up the germ of LUNIK. Quality and personalized attention mark all our products and services from the beginning.



Calle Benifaió 38, Guadassuar (Valencia)

CP 46610


Microcement Supplier

Lunik is your microcement manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience applying microcement. We manufacture all versions of microcement in each of its granulometries, which after many tests we know that they provide the perfect balance between resistance and finish. In addition to microcement, we are manufacturers of all the chemical products we sell, from bonding bridges to polyurethane varnishes. After years of use and thanks to the technical team, today we are sure of being able to offer the best existing product to the market.

Microcement for Interiors and Exteriors

Welcome to the new generation of Lunik microcements. No more mixing and having to throw material away because it has hardened. With Lunik’s ready-to-use microcement, you only have to worry about the finish, the product will always be ready for you to apply. After many years of applying bicomponent microcement, we knew that the market needed an alternative. So we developed the ONEROCK, which solves all the problems of traditional microcement. It is the perfect material for walls and floors, interior and exterior. Being waterproof, its use is recommended for bathrooms, kitchens and any type of surface such as furniture.